Practical style

Resin-coated EPS frames, ideal for exterior and interior use

A modern and proven system for creating architectural elements ideal for your houses, villas, condominiums and buildings in general.

A product with countless advantages, such as lightness, elimination of thermal bridges, durability, without neglecting the economic aspect.

Pratico decors are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), then coated with a special resin, making the product ready for painting. The coated polystyrene elements are ideal for both new buildings and renovations, and can upgrade your property to the best possible standard.

The main features

  • excellent weather resistance
  • excellent resistance to temperature changes
  • excellent impact resistance
  • excellent thermal insulation
  • light, elastic, robust
  • excellent finish and detail definition
  • ready for painting
  • extreme ease of laying

Termoblok profiles are also unbeatable for the restoration of damaged façades.

In order to meet the most diverse building requirements, Termoblok is able to produce decorations for balcony parapets, friezes for pillars and shop windows, company lettering and logos, coats of arms, and much more, according to your specific requests.

The company also specialises in the production of custom-made in-house hollowed-out items to cover wires, cables, cracks or existing deteriorated elements without causing any damage to existing structures.

Polystyrene Frames

Polystyrene frames are decorative elements of great effect, inexpensive and easy to install; the lightness and workability of the material allow the production of even very complex shapes.

For about 30 years in the expanded polystyrene processing sector, the company has been producing frames of all sizes, including special shapes and to customer design. At its plant in Colorno, in the province of Parma, the company produces stringcourses, tympanums, ashlars, cornices, friezes, with any shape and decoration sold mainly in the provinces of Piacenza, Cremona and Reggio Emilia. Thanks to the special cement resin coating, the cornices produced by the Emilia-based company are chemically inert to water and are characterised by their inalterability and resistance to atmospheric agents and temperature changes, great impact resistance and insulating and thermal properties.

Coated polystyrene frames can also be painted with any type of paint, including acrylic or quartz-based paints.

Respect for the environment and regulations

The use of polystyrene frames in the construction sector allows operators greater speed of execution of work, often avoiding complicated carpentry work. Another important property of this material is its high recyclability, an important aspect in terms of respect for the environment. Termoblok also offers resin and polystyrene cornices - also coated.

Polystyrene cornices

To decorate and beautify a building, residential building or office block, polystyrene cornices are the best solution.

Designers and contractors can choose from a wide assortment of Termoblok articles, many of which are ready in stock, as well as request special products according to supplied drawings.

Whatever the choice, the company's products offer a variety of classic and modern decorative elements, linear or articulated.

Bugnature, shoulders, fascias and cornices

The company, based in Colorno, in the province of Parma, has been processing expanded polystyrene for the building sector for over 30 years and is also highly appreciated in the areas of Piacenza, Cremona and Reggio Emilia. Through the processing of this extremely malleable material, it produces cornices and eaves cornices for internal and external use, as well as stringcourses, window surround shoulders, rustications, caps for pillars and balconies, and columns. The extreme lightness of all products favours speed and practicality of installation.

Advantages of polystyrene

By virtue of their excellent thermal coefficient and excellent breathability, polystyrene cornices eliminate the thermal bridges that are inevitably created due to the difference in materials between the concrete structure and the masonry; they also alleviate the discontinuities caused by angles and protrusions and the defects caused by imperfectly homogenous insulation. In addition, finishing with cement resins gives the products high resistance to atmospheric agents, temperature changes and impacts.

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