Packaging sector

Production and sale of polystyrene for packaging and making customized packaging

Termoblok manufactures and sells polystyrene for packaging and makes customised packaging, panels and mouldings for industry, the food, medical and electro-medical sectors.

Through shapes that adapt to your specifications, we design customised packaging to suit every need, such as corners, containers, two-dimensional and three-dimensional mouldings.

Benefits of polystyrene enclosures

By using expanded polystyrene packaging it is possible to keep goods intact and preserve them from moisture. In view of the ever-increasing demand for such packaging, Termoblok now offers the widest assortment of impact-resistant containers and filling products.

The expanded polystyrene packaging produced by Termoblok is impact-resistant, lightweight, stackable, insulating, hygienic and recyclable.

Equipped with maximum versatility, we are able to meet the most diverse requirements, from small to large supplies, without neglecting the economic aspect. Taking care of the packaging down to the tiniest detail, both in terms of the consistency and stability of the packaging itself, as well as its aesthetics and finish, is the primary objective of our work.

Thanks to the most advanced technologies and the most modern numerical control machinery, it is possible to imprint any shape to our products, without the aid of any mould and guaranteeing extremely high precision.

Why is packaging done?

Vibrations, accidental falls and shocks are dangers that your products may encounter in the various transfers. In order to minimise these risks, it is essential to act on the packaging. The right packaging must be chosen for your products.

Good packaging must provide sufficient protection to minimise mechanical stress, extreme temperature fluctuations, ageing and all unfavourable conditions that may occur during transport or storage.

Termoblok packaging is highly accurate, designed to solve all problems and to be shipped anywhere.

Polystyrene packaging has the advantage of being very light and perfectly protecting goods. We produce all types of packaging, custom-designed according to customer requirements.

The Termoblok company has been working in the field of expanded polystyrene processing for over 30 years. We produce all types of packaging, custom-designed according to customer requirements. In the workshops, polystyrene articles are manufactured considering the specific properties of the products to be packaged, weight, fragility and dimensions.

Designing packaging

Production of polystyrene packaging, moulded packaging, polystyrene protection

The packaging of
polystyrene foam is:

  • Impact-resistant, having an excellent energy-absorbing capacity
  • Lightweight, for easy handling and lower transport costs
  • Stackable, due to its good compressive strength
  • Insulating, therefore ideal for protecting electronic equipment and food products
  • Hygienic, because, due to its closed-cell structure, germs do not find nourishment in it
  • Tailor-made, guaranteeing maximum protection of packaged products
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • No ozone-depleting chloroflurocarbons are used in the production of EPS
  • Polystyrene packaging uses less than 0.1% of oil production.
  • The production of EPS has a lower environmental impact than other packaging materials in terms of air pollution, energy used, water pollution and global warming, and ensures the end user has less waste by weight
  • EPS packaging is recycled worldwide.

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